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  Mag. Heinz W. MIRTL 
  Marketing & Trading Consultancy
   Professional Assistance
          on the Chinese Market and in the Far East

   the scope of activities of  M&TC:

   -  Set up of Companies:
      we help you to start up in China with our "all-in-one-service“, based on
      many years experience
    Market Analyses: 
       specialized searches for any kind of products, Consultancy and assitance
      for the visit of fairs or for the participation in exhibitions or seminars

   -  Market Scans on possible Purchases and Sales
      we offer extensive market researches for your purchase or sales-needs,             supervise your production, assist you with quality control, customs,
      shipping, etc.

  -  Usage of temporary office facilities:
      we offer the usage of office with full infrastructure on hourly or weekly
      basis in the premises of our business partners in Shanghai und Hong Kong
      at competitive rates.

   M&TC  is able to offer absolutely competent Consulting and Coaching
   based on many years experience and cooperation with trustworthy reliable
   local partners iin Hongkong and Shanghai.
   Again and again newcomers are confronted with unpleasant experiences,    because they are not familiar with the Chinese mentality. Also misunder- 
   standings caused by language problems and unexpected reactions to the
   daily routines or problem-solvings of the business partner are the reason for
   unnecessary failures. Many approaches to do simple business, set up joint    ventures or intended investments have been effected by such easily avoidable

   The first Consultancy-session is free of charge and without any obligation