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  Mag. Heinz W. MIRTL 
  Marketing & Trading Consultancy
   Professional Assitance
          on the Chinese Market and in Far East

    NEWS - FLASH:  Exhibitions, Seminars:

Assistance at fairs and presentations is one of our special services.
   Depending on your product we propose various Exhibitions or Events and
   advise you, where and how to participate.

   If you decide to be an Exhibitor we can offer our full-service:
   starting from booking of your booth, design and presentation we take over
   all necessary steps. We provide interpretors, help to arrange seminars,    presentations, product introductions, etc.

   We take care of all planning, even the follow-up of your new contacts after     
   the fair, if requested.

   Maximize your success and leave all arrangements within China in our hands!